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We need expert engineers to design, prototype, and test our product.

Wind Fisher intends to revolutionize the world of renewable energy with an airborne wind energy system using our patented technology: a dynamically flown, cylindrical rotor kite.

We are developing a distributed wind energy system where traditional wind turbines do not meet the needs of the operators or the local population. Our airborne wind energy system efficiently harnesses the wind at heights greater than traditional wind turbines which enables a doubling of the yearly electrical production and reduces the cost of energy by more than 50% compared to a traditional wind turbine of equivalent power rating.

Certified Deeptech, financed by BPI France, laureate of Cleantech Open France 2023, with a strong academic collaboration, the company is growing and working on a 3 kW prototype. This proof of concept will serve as a springboard to design and test the first 100 kW commercial prototype.

We wish to recruit expert engineers to design, prototype and optimize our wind energy system with expertise in the areas of mechanical design, software, firmware, avionics, sensors, certification, and flight test.

Send your CV and LinkedIn profile to and we will get in touch as soon as our 2024 recruitment phase launches.

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