Harnessing Wind Wherever It Blows

Wind Power in a Box. New Sites. More Hours.


Wind energy made easy

Wind Fisher develops containerized wind energy systems which are easy to install for temporary and permanent sites. Energy Balloons access higher speed, persistent winds at 50-500m altitude leading to an increase in full and partial load hours.

Our patented technology efficiently extracts energy from low and medium wind sites and is also tolerant of gusts and turbulence.

If a traditional wind turbine doesn’t work for your site try a Wind Fisher Energy Balloon.

Of all the forces of nature, I should think the wind contains the largest amount of motive power—that is, power to move things. - Abraham Lincoln

Energy Balloon advantages

Wind Fisher offers kilowatt to megawatt scale Energy Balloon systems to power diverse sectors such as agriculture, hospitality, small industry and mining. We strive to make wind power installation easier than solar panels with a reduced land footprint. And our systems are easily redeployable which benefits construction, military and disaster response.
Maintenance at
ground level
Easy redeployment
& site restoration
Rapid installation
& commissioning
Complementary to
solar & diesel
Wind power potential
for new sites

Decentralized energy - independence & resilience

Install an Energy Balloon to enhance your on-site energy production and free yourself from fluctuating grid price and supply. Wind Fisher’s technology is the perfect solution for off-grid, micro-grid and behind the meter installations and complements existing distributed energy resources such as diesel generators, solar photovoltaic panels, and battery storage.
  • Diesel generator hybridization - Reduce energy costs by saving on diesel fuel consumption and logistics through onsite Energy Balloon wind generation. Keep the diesel generator for when the wind doesn’t blow.

  • Solar power hybridization - Generate electricity with wind power from Energy Balloons when the sun doesn’t shine to increase hours of available supply. Mid-afternoon combined solar and wind peaks can be used for storage.

  • Storage hybridization - Feed surplus Energy Balloon wind production into battery, flywheel or hydrogen storage systems to increase autonomy. Connect dispatchable loads to maximize use of energy when the wind blows.


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