Wind Fisher Enters Tarmac Incubator

Wind Fisher joins the Tarmac incubator in the French Alps


Wind Fisher is proud to announce that we have been accepted into the Tarmac incubator after successfully pitching to the selection committee on May 12th, 2021. Co-founder, Garrett Smith, presented the advantages of airborne wind energy with higher capacity factors, less raw material use, and opportunities for new sites to generate electricity when compared to traditional wind turbines. Wind Fisher’s Magnus effect kites were seen as a disruptive innovation with potential to radically scale. The selection committee was convinced by the technology roadmap and the plan to retire technical and business risk.

One of the deciding factors to apply to the Tarmac incubator was the strong professional network within the Inovallée ecosystem to support business development and partnerships. On top of that, access to a fab lab at INRIA will facilitate Wind Fisher’s rapid prototyping and technology development needs. Tarmac’s “Human First” approach gives entrepreneurs confidence and expertise to make their startups a success.

Wind Fisher is located in the heart of the “Silicon Valley” of the French Alps, in the area known as Le Grésivaudan adjacent to Grenoble. The company’s registered address will be at La Cocotte des Adrets, a coworking association in the Belledonne mountain range. The company will have engineering offices at l’Atelier Numérique in Montbonnot Saint Martin.