BPI Awards 90k€ Bourse French Tech Emergence to Wind Fisher

BPI grants 90k€ to Wind Fisher for techno-economic feasibility studies

Wind Fisher is proud to announce that BPI France has selected our company for a 90k€ grant in the frame of the Bourse French Tech Emergence. We demonstrated a convincing development roadmap for our Magnus effect energy technology and the relevant market applications for distributed energy generation.

We are using the grant proceeds to dive deeper into simulations and conceptual design. The objective is to verify our hypotheses and confirm the economic benefits of our energy balloon generators. Results from these studies will yield a greater degree of precision for our levelized cost of energy forecasts.

The financing allowed Wind Fisher to contract expert consultants to challenge and de-risk our design choices. The grant money is also being used to upgrade our flying prototype so that we can collect real world data and mature the control strategies. Wind Fisher is truly at the cutting edge of Magnus effect aerodynamics driving towards a full understanding of flight dynamics with 6 degrees of freedom.

Wind Fisher’s Energy Balloons deliver “power in a box” to develop new sites for wind energy production while increasing the number of full and partial load hours compared to traditional wind turbines.